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The Social Security Office Phone Scam

As far as phone scams go, there are few that have gained more notoriety than the social security office phone scam. This scam has been in the news, discussed in social media forums, and is a common topic of discussion around tax season almost every year. The people running this scam are not only pretending to be official individuals from the Department Of Revenue office, but they are willing to go to great lengths when it comes to terrifying victims in an attempt to get money and information. Though it is obviously illegal to impersonate the government in any capacity, these fraudsters are on the loose working daily to steal from hardworking people.

This scam is being carried out in a few different ways. The first way is that you will receive a call with a recording playing alerting you to the fact that you owe the government money and will need to comply in order to settle the balance. This recording is being left on voicemails all over the United States, and it doesn’t merely state that a balance is due, but actually suggests that prison time might be in order because tax evasion is a serious crime. The other way that this scam is being carried out is with live people impersonating the Department of Revenue. These individuals will tell you that they are calling from the IRS and will more or less give you the same run around as the recording. They will tell you that you owe money that is due immediately, but these individuals will go one step further and tell you that an arrest warrant has been signed and that the police are on their way to take you to prison if you do not pay the balance immediately. The final way that this is being conducted is by telling people that their social security number has been reported with suspicious activity and has been suspended. These scammers will either demand bank information or your social security number and other identifying information to “reactivate” your account. It has been reported that these individuals are very comfortable with openly threatening the people that they get on the phone in attempt to forcefully squeeze information out of them. The truly concerning part is that these criminals are actually calling from the number that the IRS uses, making these calls seem even more credible.

When the IRS was asked how to know when scammers were calling, the office was very specific in stating that the IRS will never call you for anything like this. Since the Department of Revenue would be operating in a full legal capacity, they send all correspondence via mail to remain in compliance with their processes. Anyone who has ever tried to call the Department of Revenue knows that the wait time is horrific, so it should come as no surprise that they do not have people on hand making outbound calls to harass people. If you receive a call from the so-called IRS, hang up immediately and do not under any circumstances give them any information.

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