World Telephone Conglomeration

The business world is pretty intense and complicated. There is competition among different companies and there are also partnerships. A lot of strategies are applied in order to help promote revenue generation of companies and minimize the cost. Conglomeration is one such strategy that businesses opt for in order to avail certain advantages. A conglomeration of the telephony industry is being done to improve the whole industry as well as for higher customer satisfaction.

Telephony companies involved

The number of companies in the world of telephone industry is pretty much uncountable. It is almost impossible to name all these companies too. However, there are a few names that have made it to the top in terms of success. These service providers require a lot of technology as well as support to succeed in providing top-notch service. To make sure this can be made possible, some companies have come together in conglomeration. The names that are involved in this world telephony conglomeration are Talk Talk Business, Virgin Media, Gamma Telecom, Samsung, Panasonic, and many more. Not only do these companies aim to produce better products and services, they also want to introduce new technology. There isn’t one conglomerate in the industry. Different companies with similar interests form their own conglomerates.

The companies that have formed this conglomeration have built trustworthy relationships with each other. They are in a healthy competition that only pushes them to provide better. These prominent names of the telephony world are in it for the long term. The aim is to make use of best technology which can be availed by getting support from the world’s top-notch companies. This technology is being used to produce and provide better every day. Services and products that are being provided are resulting in highly positive customer response.

Advantages and disadvantages of conglomeration

The concept of conglomeration started back in the 1960s. It was promoted in order to support diversity that is present within one field. For example, the telephony industry is one umbrella but there are hundreds and hundreds of companies. Surprisingly, each one of them is different from the other is one way or another. This kind of diversity can be brought together to bring out the best results in the industry on the whole. Without conglomeration, each company will experiment on their own. There will be higher chances of failure and loss. Companies coming together mean higher investment with lower risk. The entire conglomerate can benefit from the growth that is a result of the combined capital.

Of course, with a larger conglomerate comes a higher cost of management. Although the overall capital produced increases, so does the cost of handling the diverse ideas. The tax benefits that every company enjoyed on its own are no longer available when they work as a conglomerate. Diversity itself comes with certain drawbacks. For example, the focus diversifies too. Instead of concentrating on a single goal, there are multiple objectives to look into.


The world telephony conglomeration has a few disadvantages. However, in the bigger picture, we can expect some unique innovation!

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