What will the house of tomorrow look like?


Have you ever watched a movie that was either filmed in the 70s or was based on a really old theme? If you have, you would have noticed a load of difference in the homes of that time versus an average home today. Imagine what more could possibly be a part of the future homes. If we’ve already come so ahead with technology, what else could the future hold? Let’s find out what some people have predicted as the homes of tomorrow.


People have very different preferences. In fact, one person’s preferences keep changing too. When it comes to homes, at one point a person might want a gym. At another point, they would want to get rid of the gym for a swimming pool. We do expect the future homes to accommodate room for such changes. Customizable space options are a high possibility in the home of the future. There will be a fixed land over which homeowners can design and divide space however they like. Possibly, a kitchen and a bathroom would be pre-installed. The rest of the space is all up to the homeowner to design and alter over time. We hope that advanced construction will allow for cheap designing so that changes can be made as frequently as one would want.


Devices are becoming capable of performing multiple tasks at once. Take a smartphone for example. You can use it as a camera, as a telephone, for surfing the internet and also play games on it. Similarly, the future holds a lot more of such multi-tasking items. This means a home will have all required things but within a very few devices. Minimalism will become common. Instead of having 5 things for doing one task, the home of the future will have one thing that serves 5 purposes. This also leads to the possibility of smaller homes.

Extremely convenient

The pace at which technology is advancing, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect a future home that is all technological and automatic. It will start from an automatic gate that will recognize faces and open up or lock down in case of unrecognizable faces. It will be a home where the human body temperature will be recorded in order to accommodate the home temperature system accordingly. We can also expect home automation fully installed in every single item of the home. From automated lighting to tracking of a lost sock, home automation will almost replace the human mind in terms of controlling the home. Expectations are that Artificial Intelligence will also take over some mundane human activities. This means a vacuum machine that will not require human assistance. There is a possibility that human-like robots will become a part of every home. These robots can perform activities like cleaning, washing, cooking, etc.

Energy saving

We don’t expect the Earth to stay a life-supporting place unless we start conserving energy from today. There are on-going projects that are overtaking the existing devices that consume a lot of energy. Things that pollute the environment or affect the atmosphere adversely will be longer a part of any home. We’re talking of electric cars, appliances that use water as fuel, and electricity generation with solar power. The future home will not be the source of fossil fuel wastage. Instead, it will conserve water, and keep the air clean, or so do we expect. Home automation will majorly help in this aspect. Automated systems will prevent extra electricity usage. Any rooms that are empty will automatically turn off the lights and sensors will be used to turn on lights where movement is spotted. This sort of technology is already implemented in certain places. Similarly, home automation will also spot leaking taps or any other unusual activity. Overall, the future home will be consuming minimal energy.


If you could talk to someone from 50 years ago, they will tell you how luxurious your life is compared to the older times. On the contrary, you might be thinking that your life is just so ordinary. The same is true for the future. Although what we are imagining now for the future seems very futuristic and extremely scientific as well as luxurious, for people of that time, it will be the norm. Relaxation and convenience will be on a completely different level, much higher than what we can comprehend today.


What the future hold is of course not known for sure. But, we do know that the home of the future will be very different from toda

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