What is home automation

You know how sometimes you’re comfortable on the bed, scrolling through your phone, and never want to move but suddenly you realize you forgot to turn off the lights. That nightmare has haunted every single human in this world. It was high time there was a solution invented for such scenarios. Home automation is basically the answer to this problem. The ability to control any and all devices and appliances inside your home with the touch of a button on your phone is what home automation is.

Getting familiar

Home automation has technically been around in a milder form for decades now. Just how turning a switch upwards turns on an appliance, how rotating another switch changes the speed of a fan, etc. are the kinds of subtle home automation technologies. Then it got to the degree where device usage could be controlled. The way you could set a temperature for your heating or cooling system to automatically gain an optimum environment, and then the device turns off on its own. Similarly, setting up a timer on an oven is an example too. There are loads of such everyday things that are a proof of growing home automation. Now, since mobile phones are taking over everything else in the world, they had to be introduced in this category as well.

More about it

Home automation is still in its early stages. The system isn’t very affordable as of now and only few luxury homes can afford it. It hasn’t taken complete control of every part of a home either. Only the heating and cooling system, lighting, scheduling of devices, and other little things are controlled as of yet. Currently, devices must be connected through an Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection with the mobile device. There are expectations that an IP based connection might take over soon. Obviously, more devices and appliances are being worked on to be added to the home automation system. There is a possibility that in the future, you could use home automation to track your keys! The system majorly involves two things. One of these is the automation, which means you can schedule your appliance usage. This works like a timer that will go off as per your settings. Regular routine things can be easily scheduled. The second part is the remote control part. This is for when you want to control tasks that weren’t previously planned.

Ticket to being lazy

The modern home automation allows users to set up all their home devices and appliances on their smartphone. No matter where the user is, as long as the smartphone is in this world and so are the appliances, the home can be controlled. Just imagine having a remote control that could switch TV channels from longer distances. Or a controller that could turn off your home lights when you’re out and forgot to toggle the switches on your way out. Or a heating system that would automatically start warming the water 5 minutes before you entered the shower on a cold, chilly morning. Home automation is a definite convenience or, in most cases, a ticket to being lazy without any regrets. But what’s to worry about? After all, human convenience is the ultimate goal with all these technological advances.

The brighter side

Home automation isn’t just fueling the human laziness, it has much bigger outcomes too. With such a technology, homes are much safer. Home automation allows people to keep an eye on their home even if they are on the other side of the world. Similarly, if a person forgets to turn off their lights, or a tap is leaking, or maybe they didn’t lock their back door, all of it can be tackled without any worry. Home automation system will also have the convenience of contacting the homeowner through automated emails in case any unusual activity is noticed. Let’s say, you aren’t looking through your cameras at a point and someone is trying to break into your house, you will be immediately notified through a method that you opted for.

Of course, it will be major energy saver too. For instance, the temperature control systems can be turned on whenever needed and turned off automatically. No utilities will be wasted ‘by accident’ because everything will be always under control.


Home automation is slowly but steadily spreading in homes. It is a technological advancement that will bring a lot of benefits to the world in the near future. It is an intelligent investment that will save the entire world from bigger losses.

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