What has become of the historical actors of the telephony


There are certain people in the history of the world that cannot be thanked enough for the ideas they introduced. The world we live in today versus the world as it was a century ago is just as different as the sky and the ground. Although there are a number of industries we can credit for this positive change, one of them if telephony. The world of communication eased the invention of further technologies by a whole lot. Let’s pay a tribute to the historical actors of telephony by actually learning what their contributions were.

Emile Baudot

Pretty much the first ever communication source was the telegraph. Emile Baudot was the person who dedicated his life improving this system to help the world utilize the perfect telegraph system that was fast enough for successful communications. At one point, Baudot was able to offer a telegraph system that could send out six messages at the same time. Baudot’s invention helped in communication over land as well as underseas for over 70 years.

Alexander Bell

It all started with the first ever telephone device. The world of telephony credits Alexander Bell for introducing the first telephone to this world. He called his assistant to him from the other room with the help of his first creation. Although a number of other people had been working on developing the telephone, Alexander Bell was the first to receive a patent for this invention. A couple of years later, he also presented the idea of laying underground wires for telephone connections. During the early days, a telephone only allowed connection within a few hundred meters. Alexander Bell had the vision that one day telephones would connect not just cities, but also countries.

Alessandro Volta

You might not have heard this name if you aren’t into physics. Volta is a mostly known for his works in the electrical field. He thought of electricity generation through chemical reactions. This led him to create what is known as the battery cell. From the beginning to this day, telephones and mobile phones use electricity. While the earlier telephone needed direct electrical connection, Volta’s cell contributed to ‘cell’ phones. That does seem like a small thing but in all honesty, your smartphone wouldn’t be running today without a cell that can be recharged.

Nikola Tesla

The use of radio waves and wireless connections is the basis for cordless phones and mobile phones. Without the study of Nikola Tesla, we might not even know that wireless communication can be possible. Tesla deserves all credit for introducing alternating current and high-frequency radio waves. This wasn’t his only contribution to the world but the one regarding radio waves played the greatest part in the world of telephony.

Martin Cooper

Of course, the introduction of mobile phones was a huge step. From candle-like devices to a rotary dialer phone, whatever advancements were going on were still restricted by wires and distances. Martin Cooper was an engineer at Motorola. He designed the first ever mobile phone. The first call was made to a rival company and Martin Cooper told them that he was talking through a mobile phone. Ever since that moment, the world experienced new features at the pace of light. Martin Cooper’s invention wasn’t the most compact or advance, but it was the first step into a whole new era and we cannot disregard him for that at all.

Steve Jobs

This is a name we all have heard. We have seen this man change the world in front of our eyes. Steve Jobs was the genius behind the idea of the smartphone. The first iPhone was introduced back in 2007 by Steve Jobs who worked for Apple. Today, not only does every single human owe Steve Jobs respect for letting us avail such a facility, Apple owes him all credit for their success as well. Without his ‘funny’ idea of a phone which was all screen, who knows what we would be doing right now. There was the IBM 15 years before the iPhone, but in its true sense, that wasn’t much of a smartphone. The idea was polished a lot before Steve Jobs shook the world to its core.


These are just a few prominent names. There is a list of tens of physicists, engineers, and geniuses who put out the spark of a unique idea that affected the world beyond imagination. We owe each one of these historical actors a lot.

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