The types of scams on the internet you need to know!

Just like it’s impossible for the world to eliminate crime, the internet cannot be rid of scams. However, just like you take precautions to stay protected in the world, you must do so on the internet too. There are a number of scams that try to trick people into giving out their personal details. The reason and benefit behind scamming is a whole another story. Today, we’ll inform you of some of the types of scams on the internet that you must be aware of in order to avoid getting fooled!

Fake websites

One very common scam is the Phishing scam. You will receive an email that will direct you to a website of a bank or some sort of e-commerce that is very famous and well-known. The website will ask you to give in your personal details to sign in. The trap here is that the website looks exactly like the official website. Except that it isn’t. If you end up providing your details on such a scam website, your credit cards and bank accounts could be wiped clean within minutes!

Winning a lottery

People tend to get very excited about emails that inform them of an unknown lottery that they have won. The question that some people forget to consider on receiving such emails is that when did they ever apply for anything like this? Do not be fooled. As amazing as it would be, you did not win any scheme that will make you rich overnight. If there was something you did participate in, you will definitely be receiving an official email from a certified company.

Greeting cards

During the holiday season specifically, you’ll find your junk email folder full of greeting cards. The email would say that the greeting card is from a relative. They might have used pictures of girls or have made up names. Mostly, these emails will ask the user to click a link to be redirected to the greeting card. On doing so, you won’t receive any greeting card but you will definitely have installed viruses and malicious software on your computer. We all know a virus in a computer is never a good scenario!

Help a friend

There is a chance that your friend was trapped in one of such scams and their account was hacked. You might receive an unusual message that could either be about financial help or about clicking a link. This is a rather tricky scam. A lot of people get trapped thinking it is their friend asking for help. However, in case you face such an issue, make sure you double-check with your friend off the internet. Or you could contact another mutual friend to make sure that the message is authentic. There is a possibility that in case of such a scam, other friends received a similar message as well.

Credit card overcharging

You can be scammed for purchases you genuinely make online. Big websites that are certified may not have this issue unless they are hacked. Small businesses might possibly opt for this scam method. What happens is that after you enter your credit card details, you are charged more than what you were actually meant to pay. This is why you should thoroughly read your receipts, especially your monthly credit card bill.

Overpaying buyer

If you sell things online, you can get scammed very easily. One of the methods is the unusual buyer who doesn’t mind paying you some extra dollars. This person would be generous enough to send you extra money. They would ask you to refund the extra money once you’ve shipped out the product. An example of such a case can be an eBay transaction. The seller isn’t sure of the exact shipping charges. So, the buyer decides to pay extra so the seller wouldn’t delay the shipping. The truth is, no buyer would be generous enough to send in extra advance payments. These eBay accounts are fake and the PayPal transaction emails are just a scam.

Dating Scam

If you’re using dating websites, you must beware because romance scams can go on for months! These scammers get the victim very involved so that when they boldly ask for their personal details, they would happily share them without a second thought. Females, as well as males, are involved in this scamming technique. These scammers build a perfect relationship with the victim before attacking them.


Stay safe on the internet by simply staying aware. Steer clear of any unusual activity and you’re pretty much good to go!

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