The place of the mobile phone in our world

Mobile phones were originally invented as a convenient communication device. They were the ultimate telephone devices that weren’t anything more than an ease of calling or sending messages. Surprisingly, mobile phones have taken a place in this world that is much more than just a telephonic device.

Luxury to necessity

At first, mobile phones were just a luxury. These expensive devices were only used by businessmen or emergency services. Only the elite owned this luxury. Today, it has become a necessity. Above 60% of the entire world’s population owns a mobile phone. Almost 5 billion individuals have the access to a mobile in today’s world. Majority of these are smartphones that have entirely changed the concept and standard of mobile phone usage.

Previously, mobile phones only aided communication. It helped eliminate distance as an obstacle hindering people to connect to the other parts of the world. However, today, it has taken that idea to a bigger level. Other than instant connectivity with the entire world, mobile phones make it possible for people to track the moves of anyone on this planet. Of course, it isn’t as creepy as that. This utility is mostly for house owners who want to keep their homes secure or businessmen who want to make sure their workers aren’t goofing around in office time.

Merging of cultures

Mobile phones have totally changed the world by altering the minor things. For example, in the older days, a person in West Africa had no idea of what it was like in New York. The only information people had of other countries was through what they heard from travelers. However, today people can see exactly what is going on in any part of the world through social media platforms. This has also led to cultural fusion. The cultural traditions of one part of the world are easily communicated to the other parts.

Day to Day uses

Getting home in 5 minutes? Inform your wife so she can open the door. Getting late for class? Inform the teacher through an email. Going to pick a friend? Ask him to come out. Want to check your bank account balance? Sign in on the mobile app. Want to flaunt your holiday tan? Post a picture on your social media. Looking for book suggestions? Search online.

The everyday use of mobile phones is something we don’t even think about because we’re addicted to our mobile screens unconsciously. In fact, you might even be reading this article on your mobile! Mobile phones aid education, entertainment, and pretty much every other aspect of life. It is the excessive use that makes people stick to their mobile screens constantly.

The truth is, in today’s world, the place of a mobile phone is very important in every individual’s life. It is not just restricted to the purpose of communication anymore. From online surfing to playing games, mobile phones have taken over the world and have changed the living style of humans by a whole lot!

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