The mobile phone and its effects on our health

Mobile phones are for sure a useful invention that has eased the life of the majority of the world population who owns this device. It is an easy access technology that connects people to the entire world. From social awareness to political alerts, no one who owns a mobile phone is disconnected to any of these things. It has brought communication to a whole new level as well. However, if mobile phones didn’t have any side effects, the device would be too good to be true. There are some health effects that are rather harmful to the users. Here are some of the adverse health effects of mobile phones. We hope that one day technology will gift us with an invention that has all the positives of a mobile phone but without any negative health effects.

Worsens vision

This one is pretty well-known. Of course, staring at a screen that emits radiations and light for long hours is not healthy for the eyes. Extended use of mobile phones in young ones is causing a high rate of weak eyesight in rather young people. Other than bad eyesight, mobile screens are a cause of permanent headaches that also lead to painful eyes. Since mobile screens are pretty small as compared to a computer, the user’s eyes are mostly squinted while reading anything on a mobile. This leads to problems in the vision as well.

Germs’ transfer

One thing that people hardly notice about mobile phones is the fact that it is touched a lot. You hold your phone in your hands before you eat a meal. It is on your face when you’re on a call. This means anything that is on the mobile phone is very close to your face and hands. Although you might sanitize your hands before every meal, you don’t sanitize your phone every time you pick it up from a surface. It sits on your bathroom shelf, on a public table, in your office, on the train, on your bedside table, and where not! Have you ever imagined how many germs are on all these surfaces? Mobile phones are just aiding the travel of germs from anywhere in the world into your immune system. Research has shown that mobile phones carry germs that are more harmful than germs on a toilet seat!

High stress

Indirectly, mobile phones are causing the stress level of users to increase. Apparently, a mobile phone is supposed to aid the human life by providing convenience. However, the constant vibration and ringing prevent the person from achieving mental relaxation. A beep in the middle of the night ruins sleep. The constant ringing of a bell causes anxiety. In between all of this, mobile phone usage leads to depression, lack of sleep, and eventually, high stress. This has been proven through research too.

Chronic pains

Excess of anything is bad. The same is true for mobile phone. These addictive pieces of technology get a person hooked for hours and hours. The continuous use of hands, the strain on the eyes, as well as the mental pressure leads to a number of chronic pains. Firstly, there is the inflammation of muscles and joints caused due to rapid typing speeds. Then there is the back pain and sore neck caused by looking at the mobile phone at a certain angle. The screen radiations lead to burning of eyes and elongated migraines.

Emotional imbalance

The traditional method of communication was talking face-to-face. These days, people would be sitting next to a friend but still would be staring at their phone screen. A fact not very well-known is that physical interactions helped release positive emotions. These positive emotions led to the development of healthy and trustworthy emotions. On the contrary, mobile phones have totally eradicated that concept. There has been a lot of research and study regarding this. One such research studies 34 pairs of people who were strangers to one another. While half of these pairs were allowed to have a mobile phone, for the other half, their mobiles were replaced with a notebook. The research concluded that strangers who conversed without a mobile phone developed a positive relationship with one another. However, people with mobile phones failed to connect at all.


After reading all these unhealthy mobile phone facts, do you think it is a device worth the risk? Of course, we cannot totally eliminate mobile phones from the planet but we can try to take measures that will minimize these dangerous health effects.

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