The first mobile phones

Do you ever forget your mobile phone at home while going out and feel like you’re missing a body part? Well, do not worry, you’re not the only one addicted to this device. The convenience we have achieved from this utility is unreal. Have you ever imagined where it all began and how the mobile phone actually came into being? Let’s have a look through the brief history of mobile phones.

40 years ago

The concept of mobile phones was pretty expected after the launch of cordless phones. The patent for wireless telephone devices was actually issued back in 1908. There were a lot of advances in the industry. However, what was being introduced and used back then as an experiment was more of a two-way radio than a mobile phone. It was being used by emergency departments and taxi drivers.

The first real mobile phone was introduced in 1973. It was in April when Motorola made the first call from a mobile phone. The image in your mind would be of something with a screen and a keypad. However, what we’re talking of right here is a 1.1kg device that took 10 hours to charge and offered only 30 minutes of talk time! Imagine if you still had to use that, how different would your life be? Surprisingly, this mobile phone cost a lot more than your modern smartphones!

The next step

Motorola was the company that made the mobile phone a bit better. In 1983, they introduced a new mobile phone that cost as much as $4,000 of the time! This model offered the facility to store up to 30 phone contacts. The talk time was still only 30 minutes on a full charge. This was the first mobile phone that was up for sale. Of course, this device couldn’t be afforded by the locals. Unlike today when every single person owns at least one mobile device, back then it was used only for official purposes and so, the features provided weren’t very consumer friendly.

Compact and modern

What you might remember as a mobile phone didn’t appear before 1997. In this year, Nokia stepped ahead with its 6110 model. It had a small screen, a dial pad, offered three games, could convert currency, had a calendar and calculator, came in 4 color options, showed the time, and was the best the people had at the time. It was a device that won the hearts of the people of the time.

Motorola then introduced a flip phone which was the bad boy in town. Then, Nokia came up with an even better model that introduced the classic Snake game. By 1999, Blackberry was gaining fame with its QWERTY keypad devices. Of course, as more technology was introduced, the locals started getting access to mobile phone too. Samsung and LG entered the game soon too.


The journey from a 1.1kg device to smartphones has been long and intense. From 1973 to 2007, the concept and face of mobile phones definitely changed for the better.

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