Should we get excited for 5g internet?

We all know Edge, 2g, 3g, 4g, and LTE. But now, it’s time to start getting familiar with 5g too. 5g is the 5th generation internet being developed as of now. Although we cannot expect it to launch before 2020, the question is can we start getting excited about it?

What is the 5g connection

As understood, 5g will be the fastest, best internet experience to date. It will be unlike anything that the users have enjoyed so far. There are eight requirements that if fulfilled, only then will the service be qualified for a 5g connection. Unlike 3g and 4g, 5g isn’t just fast internet. It has a lot more to offer. Here the eight points of the 5g criteria.

Firstly, the connection should have one to 10gbps connections. It should also have a one millisecond end-to-end round trip delay. Other than that, there should be the availability of 1000 times bandwidth per unit area. The number of connected devices should be at least 10 to 100. The connection should provide 100% coverage in terms of areas receiving signals, and 99.99% availability of the connection. Lastly, 5g uses 90% lesser energy with a device that has up to 10 years of life on low power.

The 5g connections will be around three times faster than the currently existing 4g connections. This means the 5g internet speeds will start from 450 Mbps, going up to 900 Mbps, and even 1.3 bps.

Investors of the 5g

Of course, introducing a highly advanced technology like the 5g connection isn’t coming with zero support. There are huge companies as well as the UK government itself supporting the development of the 5g connection. Nokia and Ericcson are the two major names when it comes to development investment of the 5g. Not only are the two companies very thoroughly involved with the technology’s introduction, they are also already working on developing devices that support 5g. Ericcson has been testing 5g since 2015. As of last year, they claimed to have launched the first 5g performance platform and the 5g radio system. Nokia has also set up a 5g support center where they are guiding mobile carrier services regarding 5g connections.

London has a working Wi-Fi system all over the city. This system is going to be used to practically test 5g connectivity in the near future. The government of the UK is fully supporting the developments on 5g. There has been an allotment of £16 million for setting up a 5g hub alone! Another £38 million is being allowed for setting up a hub in Newport, Wales where latest technologies like driverless cars, robotics, and 5g can be worked on.

Other than these developments, Samsung and Qualcomm have been investing in 5g devices as well. Not only are these companies highly interested in investing into the research of 5g implementation, they have also started tackling the issues of hardware and devices that will support 5g connections.


Of course, 5g is a big step in terms of technological advancement. The bottom line is, everyone is excited about 5g and so should you be!

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