New Scam: Fake Facebook Profiles

Making an account of Facebook isn’t hard at all. All you need is some basic information like name, date of birth, and email address. Email accounts aren’t hard to make either. The concept behind this ease was to allow convenience for users to create profiles on Facebook easily and start connecting with other people. However, this ease has been turned into a new scam technique!

How are these fake profiles made

It is pretty easy. People just use made up names and a fake birth date. Sometimes, it isn’t a made up name or a fake birthday. Information of a real person can be used too. For example, you know your friends’ full names as well as birth dates. You can easily enter that information in the sign-up form on Facebook and you’ll create a profile presenting a real person. This is why there are a lot of fake celebrity profiles. Sometimes, people don’t even use real names. You might have seen Facebook accounts with the name of a ‘Sweet Angel’ or ‘Decent Hero’. Things like these are very common. As for pictures, people can easily find pictures of real people from their public accounts or from Google. Some fake accounts don’t even use pictures of real people.

How to identify a fake profile

There are a couple of factors you can look out for to identify a fake profile. Firstly, there is the photo section. If the pictures mostly consist of quotes or pictures of celebrities, that is a red flag. If the pictures are of a real person, check on the date and time they were uploaded. If all pictures seem to be uploaded around the same time, there are chances that the account is not real. Similarly, stalk the profile. Look at the reactions to posts. If genuine friends have not commented or liked the post, the account has very little chances of being real.

The threat

The reason why fake profiles are such a threat is that this scam has more than one aspect. Firstly, of course, you’ll be connected to a total stranger. You have no idea who is behind the screen. The person has access to your content, including posts and pictures. A person you don’t even know has access to openly contact you. Other than catfishing, you can get scammed through messages too. The account could send you unusual links asking for help that you can provide by clicking on a certain link. Your account can possibly get hacked or you may download malicious software to your device.

Staying safe

The best way to stay safe from fake profiles online is by only connecting with people you genuinely know from real life. Although social media is all about connecting with new people, it is better that you take the step cautiously. The threat that comes with this new scam of fake Facebook profiles can cause damage beyond imagination. Your privacy is invaded, you’re fooled into talking to a stranger, and you can be hacked!

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