How Apple changed the world of mobile phones

Back in 2007, Steve Jobs decided to make history. He introduced the idea of smartphones. What sounded like a joke to many back then has changed the whole world today. Little did anyone know, one strange idea could turn the mobile industry as well as the world upside down. Apple has changed the perception of mobile phones for everyone and here’s how.

Access to the world in the hold of a palm

The concept of being connected to the world every single moment was introduced by Apple. Before the iPhones, the concept of internet connection within your pocket wasn’t born. Thanks to Apple, everyone is always connected and fully aware of what’s happening in any corner of the world. Yes, there was internet on PCs before smartphones but that wasn’t as accessible as having the whole world in your pocket. Before smartphones, the internet speeds and quality were not so remarkable either. Interestingly, the major use of mobile phones has shifted from voice calls to internet usage! Previously, the concept of mobile phones was to provide a connection for relatives through calls and messages. However, now it is a source of awareness on a much larger scale. The usage of voice versus mobile data statistics from 2007 onwards show how massively the use of data has increased whereas the usage of voice has pretty much remained the same. These statistics have encouraged mobile networks to improve their service too. The networks have worked on providing better signal service in remote areas as well. The internet speeds have been worked on. From 2g to 3g to 4g and now we’re even expecting 5g as well. All of this comes with the new technology introduced by Apple.

No more keyboards

Before Apple took over the world, Blackberry had the monopoly of the mobile phone industry. The trend back then was to have a phone with a QWERTY keyboard separate from the screen. Apple changed that entirely by eliminating physical keyboards form the phone body. The minimalistic design with pretty much no buttons appealed the people. Especially the working people loved this kind of a design. The trend changed the industry so much that today, it’s easier to find an all-screen phone than one with a keyboard! It is Apple that made touchscreens a thing. The concept of getting so much done with literally just the tap of a finger has been made real with this invention. Users can zoom into the pictures viewable on the screen to get to the minutest details.

From simply taking pictures to photography

Mobile phones did start coming with built-in cameras long before the iPhone was introduced. However, those mobiles offered the simple ease of capturing pictures. That was the only and final step. However, with the iPhone, the pictures could be captured in different modes, edited, shared, etc. This invention built the bridge between photography being a hobby to something for everyday use. This may sound surprising but the trend of ‘selfies’ and ‘filters’ might not even be here in the present day if it wasn’t for Apple’s innovation in the previous years. Before this, only people who owned digital cameras could capture moments from their everyday life casually.

Mobile games and App store

Hardly anyone who owns a smartphone doesn’t play a mobile game. There are thousands and thousands of mobile game apps in every possible category. Kids, as well as adults, are hooked to the games on smartphones. This generates revenue worth thousands of dollars for uncountable firms. For the first time in history, mobile games are generating more revenue than games on PC or another system. The classic games like Pac Man have been regenerated and people are absolutely in love with the concept. Other than mobile games, the App store has also changed the perception of the overall software creation and distribution. From video games to social networking sites to other apps used for utility and entertainment, everything has shifted to the smartphones. Development of these software has increased the revenue generation for software creators massively. This is done through in-app purchases and advertisements.


Although Apple caused the downfall of Nokia and Blackberry, it did give rise to iOS and Android. The mobile world would have been nothing like it is today if it wasn’t for the brilliant idea of Steve Jobs to take such a huge risk and introduce something new. Apple has most definitely changed everyone’s vision of the mobile industry, mostly in a positive way.

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