Autonomous cars: danger or convenience?

Increasing use of technology and advancement of gadgets is changing the world day by day. Auto-driven cars that claim to drive around without human assistance are being introduced to the world. It sounds like a delight to have an autonomous car but there are certain risks that come with this technology.

Regular roads, new technology

Cars, whether being driven by humans or by a computerized system, need a road to travel on. The biggest issue arises when autonomous cars have to drive around on roads and highways that weren’t designed for such driver-less cars. Merging into traffic with regular cars increases the risks of car crashes of autonomous cars. The autonomous cars are not as intelligent as required yet. They would be facing a hard time turning around, finding the right way, maintaining the required highway speed, over-taking, staying in the right lane, etc. Not only will all these issues cause the rest of the traffic to face a blockage, the autonomous car itself will be likely to crash into something with a not-so-fast reaction time to sudden changes on the road.

Harmful radiations

All this technology is being operated with the help of radiations after all. These autonomous cars are mainly dependent on GPS for staying in the right location and for finding its way around the city too. Other electrically operated parts of the car are also mostly dependent on electric radiations. All of this means that the passengers in the car will be exposed to high concentrations of electromagnetic field radiations. How are these harmful? Well, firstly, some people can quickly get hypersensitive on being exposed to these radiations. It can lead to high blood pressures as well as breathlessness. Developing an eye infection isn’t rare with high exposure to these radiations either. Basically, every ride in an autonomous car could mean voluntary damage to your health.

Hacks and viruses

How many times has your computer or smartphone been hacked? Maybe not a lot of times but there is a very high risk. This proves that getting a computerized system hacked isn’t very unlikely. Imagine an autonomous car getting malfunctioned or hacked. This could be done by bigger mafias who plan on mass damage to the society. Terrorist activity could be easily connected with such an act. Even if something that evil doesn’t happen, a computerized system can always get malfunctioned. If something like that happens, none of the passengers in the autonomous car will be secure. From a car crash to the blowing up of the engine, anything is possible. Just like a computer or mobile gets glitches every now and then, an autonomous car could experience it too. The difference is that the damage in the case of the car would be beyond repair.


We have seen the recent Uber crash caused by an Autonomous car. The reports of such crashes aren’t a rare occasion. Is technology really bringing peace to the world? It is a question we must consider. All the while, we do hope that upcoming inventions are improved to actually protect human life rather than bringing more risks.

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