Artificial Intelligence: Danger or not


When the word Artificial Intelligence is heard, most people imagine metallic robots taking over the world and the human race dying of laziness on comfy couches with a fat belly and drooling mouth. The truth is that none of this is true. There is a possibility that such a scenario could be applicable to certain people but AI is not about anything like that. It is basically a field where intelligent agents are designed and studied. There is an on-going debate of whether or not this sort of technology is a danger. Here’s what we think of the situation.

Too intelligent for humans

The kinds of AI devices that have been recently developed are definitely mind-blowing. The similarity with humans and the ability to make real-life intelligent decisions has left every observer amazed. The question is, are these agents of technology too smart? Big names like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have shown concern over this factor. We never know what could be done by this technology if they exceed the intelligence of humans, which seems very likely to be possible. Humans are crowned above all other species due to their intelligence. If the AI devices end up proving to be smarter than humans, does that mean the human race will be enslaved by a superior creation? The answer could possibly be yes and that is a major danger to the world.

Intelligent enough for problem solving

On the brighter side, if the AI agents do end up being smart enough, they can be used to make the world a better place. AI can be utilized in research of bigger problems like climate control. This is possible by the collection of data trends. Tasks that are risky due to human error, they can be performed through AI. But that could also mean replacement of white collars with technology and loss of jobs! On the other hand, research that needs to be attempted quickly can be easily conducted through AI.

Feeling-less, after all

These robots that AI is introducing are a lot like humans except that they don’t really have a heart. Yes, their heart is some sort of technical device and a tangled network of wires but overall, they don’t really feel pain, heat, cold, or anything good or bad. Of course, technology is training them to respond to situations more human-like. But, the point here is that if the need arises, AI can be used to design ‘people’ who can perform hard-to-do tasks without getting hurt. Let’s say a task that involves experimentation of toxic chemicals, that can be done with the help of AI and no one will be harmed at all!


There is no final answer to the question of how dangerous or useful Artificial Intelligence is. There are two very different sides to the story. Pretty much like existing technology, there are obvious pros and cons. Other than personal opinion, only time will tell whether AI has made the world a better place or only made human existence worse.

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