Phone Scams: The Top 10 To Look Out For

There are occasions when your bank will need to get in contact with you and in order to do this, they may call you. When they do call you, they need to ensure that they are speaking to the right person and this is when they ask you some security questions. However, when phone scammers call you PRETENDING to be your bank, they will be asking you questions which helps them to gain access to your bank account and transfer money out of it.

The way you can tell the difference between legitimate bank calls and phone scammers is by the questions they ask. Often your bank will ask questions such as “what is the 4th letter of your password” which gives them the security clearance they need without you giving them and personal information. Phone scammers on the other hand will ask for full answers such as your maiden name, full date of birth etc. If in doubt, hang up and ring your bank back on the number that is printed on the back of your bank card or on official bank details.

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