Phone Scams Move To Text Messaging

Phone scams are something that the majority of people are relatively acquainted with. Most of us know that if someone calls pretending to be a foreign prince who needs you to send them money, they are lying and only looking to scam you. Another popular method of scamming people is built around using spam emails. These emails are often equipped with links designed to steal your information and infect your devices with something truly dangerous. However, in the modern age, criminals have found a middle ground between these scam types through the use of text message scams.

Though most of us are naturally weary of getting a text message from someone that we don’t know, scams through text message are becoming more popular and increasingly dangerous. These scams can come through in a couple of ways. The first is a twist on common emails scams. These messages will come equipped with dangerous links inviting you to engage in some kind of activity. They might be presented with links for you to click that work in the same way that the hazardous email links do. They will likely teleport you to a site that will either work to obtain your information or that has phishing tactics ready to steal any available information that they can.

The second kind of text message scam includes genuine text messaging. The individual will either pretend to be someone that you know or will work using cat fishing techniques to forcefully obtain information from you. People included in this scam are quick to either establish a romantic connection or close friendship connection before suddenly needing money or your information for some random purpose. These people are more often than not master manipulators who will do or say anything to get what they want from you, even going so far as to lie about horrible circumstances that led them to need money. The individuals involved with this kind of scam will generally wait for you to trust them, then they will give you either a sob story or begin to threaten you in hopes of getting you to either send them money or tell them information that they need. These people rely on known abuse tactics to coerce what they want from people, and sometimes the torment is ongoing. It is not uncommon for these people to try to obtain leverage that can be used against the victim as a means for demanding information or money.

Though it is always nice to meet new people, in the event that you are contacted by someone who you do not know, it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. The simple truth is that if someone you don’t know has your phone number, it is probably not a good thing. Chances are that they have obtained it through questionable means, and this is why you should always be hesitant when these people contact you. Always avoid clicking links, regardless of how they are sent to you or what they might promise. In the modern age, you can never be too careful.

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