How Phone Scams Have Turned Into Organized Fraud

In a simpler time, phone scams were not all that common. Though phone scams in general have been around for quite a while, these scammers used to just be individuals working to steal money. Nowadays, running a phone scam is basically a full scale illegal business practice. The people running these efforts are, in some cases, going so far as to run entire call centers to carry out this practice and are often using technology to impact a lot of people at once. While it is unlikely that you will see an ad on a local job search website inviting people to join in on the illegal acts, the reality is that these criminals are no longer working alone. They have resources, tools, employees, and time. It might be disturbing to think about these criminals considering what they are doing as a full time job, but the truth is that it has escalated to that point and may get worse going forward.

Thinking about the possibility that there are collections of people running efforts to steal from the hard working public might be unimaginable for some. Unfortunately, for others, it is a very real way of life. Gone are the days of the standalone con artist calling people with a pity story, and alive and well are the trained teams of people who are calling hundreds if not thousands of unsuspecting victims a day with the same story. It is no longer a single person carrying out these efforts, but rather groups of them. The simple truth is that running a phone scam has proven to be an incredibly lucrative business, and that is why the number of these scams are growing.

What is more concerning is that more often than not, these scams actually gain credibility by operating in a phone center capacity, purely because you hear other people in the background. From an objective standpoint, it makes sense why you would assume that a call center is something to be given credibility. After all, most major businesses operate with them. Further, the thought of a group of people willingly committing crimes together seems absurd. When we think of a criminal, we tend to think of a lone individual or two. Worse, most people operate with the idea that they would know if a criminal was calling, as if those committing a crime are meant to sound a specific way. This is simply not true. The more advanced scams that are being perpetrated around the globe are actually carried out by people who sound credible. These scammers sound like an employee from a company, not like a con artist looking to steal your identity. It is part of what is contributing to their global success rate, and it is also likely part of what is making this seem like such a great opportunity for career criminals.

Though it is easy to assume that the only true scam calls are people who will be blatant about their criminal activity, the reality is that these criminals are getting smarter and better about what they are doing. As their skill base continues to increase and these scam calls begin to grow in credibility, it is important to remain vigilant and recognize that these people do exist and are likely much more dedicated to getting your money than you are to thinking that you need to protect it. Recognizing that the threat is real and treating all incoming calls with caution is your best bet when it comes to protecting yourself.

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